While most bubble tea stands in Japan try to emulate the style of the beverage's native country Taiwan, there’s plenty of other places putting their own spin on the idea. There’s Korean-style drinks to be found, and of course some distinctly Japanese offerings, such as the matcha dango extravaganza from Metcha Matcha. But Vietnamese bubble tea chain Mot Tram really made a splash when they landed on the Tokyo scene, with possibly the biggest bubble tea on the market.

When it first came to Japan, the ‘Mega Mot Tram’ could only be copped at Mot Tram’s Harajuku location, a wise choice in a Tokyo area confirmed to be full off boba-enthusiasts.

Now this intimidating titan of the bubble tea world has arrived in Osaka, apparently to compete with the city’s famous Abeno Harukas skyscraper, but obviously not as tall and with many more tapioca pearls involved.

Rather than a refreshing beverage, the drink is more akin to a challenge. This monolithic cup of tea is 26 centimetres tall and it contains one whole litre of liquid, as well as double the usual amount of chewy tapioca balls found in their medium size. There’s five flavours to choose from, namely Okinawan Brown Sugar Milk, Meccha Mot Tram Milk Tea, Meccha Mot Tram Cafe au Lait, Mot Tram Strawberry Milk or Rich Uji Matcha Milk.

Not to be outdone by the flashy location of the Harajuku branch, this new Mot Tram shop based in Osaka has also opened in a famous area, inside Tennoji Park. All Mot Tram locations can be found on their official website.

By - Jess.