Since recent years have seen the bubble tea trend experience an undeniable boom in Tokyo, it’s easy to forget that the Taiwanese import actually first arrived in Japan a good while ago. One mainstay of the boba scene is ‘Pearl Lady’, a beverage stand which will be celebrating its 17th anniversary this year.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t move with the times, and one of the main stores located at the bustling east exit of Shinjuku station has undergone an experimental transformation, and became the ‘Pearl Lady Tea Lab’.

The eccentric offerings will be heavily influenced by the seasons, so for the upcoming summer there is plenty of frozen boba treats to be had.

Inspired by the luxurious cheese cream toppings which have become popular recently, one of the Tea Lab’s creations is a frozen version of this bubble tea, called ‘Cheezun Tea’ (cheese frozen tea). The creamy topping has been combined with a variety of refreshing fruit teas for summer.

Pearl Lady’s own tapioca balls, which they claim retain softness for longer than other brands, are also present in the ‘Tapioca Milk Tea Frozen’, an icy version of a classic bubble milk tea.

The ‘Milky Frozen’ looks part frozen smoothie, part parfait and part bubble tea. You can choose from coffee, strawberry or chocolate flavour, and toppings are customisable.

If you prefer an old faithful though, all there’s plenty of Pearl Lady’s classic lineup available.

The renewed Pearl Lady Tea Lab can be found outside Shinjuku station’s east exit, next to Zara.

By - Jess.