Although horse sashimi can be found easily on pub menus in Japan, horse meat isn’t actually all that common. Of course, horse meat specialty restaurants can be found here and there, but for casual eaters looking to try something new, Japan’s first ever horse meat specialty fast food shop opened up in Tokyo just recently!

The spot, located in Nakano, is called 'Umakichi', and the company behind it especially want to tout the nutritional benefits of horse meat, which will surely appeal to health conscious diners.

Firstly, horse meat is high in protein and low in calorie, and it can even lower cholesterol. It also contains peptides, a common ingredient in skincare, known for its regenerative properties. Compared with pork, horse meat boasts three times the amount of vitamin A, and three times the amount of iron found in chicken.

The specialty restaurant’s menu consists of thirteen ‘teiban’ sets, these are like set menu meals which often come with sides such as rice and pickles. The aforementioned horse sashimi is available for adventurous meat-lovers (1200 yen). But there’s also plenty of cooked horse on offer too, such as a roast horse rice bowl (880 yen) and skirt steak (1000 yen).

Many may be cautious about visiting restaurants in the current climate, but the dishes at Umakichi are also available to takeout.

Where to find Umakichi

Address: Tokyo, Nakano, Saginomiya 1-27-7

Nearest station: Toritsu Kasei (Seibu Shinjuku line)

By - Jess.