Being able to watch your favorite shows on a large screen and with excellent image quality makes 4K televisions an attractive proposition. The problem for many is that a 4K television comes with a hefty price tag, especially if we're talking about a Sony Bravia 4K TV.

Fortunately, if you live in a home in the Kansai area or are planning on renting or buying one in the future, there's a new service by eo Hikari TV, provided by Optage Co., Ltd., which provides a more affordable and convenient option.

Sony Bravia 4K TV flat rate subscription service

According to their press release, eo decided to launch the new plan to reflect the growing popularity of subscription services allowing the use of products and services without committing to ownership. Moreover, there's a growing demand for at-home entertainment due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, they considered the time was right for this new service allowing users to enjoy a 4K TV with smart TV functions with a convenient flat-rate plan for eo users taking advantage of their Hikari TV internet service, including optical line, and tuner for digital terrestrial, BS, CS and 4K television broadcasts.


You can choose from the following plans, depending on the size of TV you want (Sony's BZ35F series):

  • 43 inch model: 1,680 JPY plus tax (1,848 JPY)
  • 49 inch model: 1,980 JPY plus tax (2,178 JPY)
  • 55 inch model: 2,480 JPY plus tax (2,728 JPY)
  • 65 inch model: 3,180 JPY plus tax (3,498 JPY)

If you sign up during the campaign period, they'll waive the delivery fee, which usually costs 10,000 JPY.

After completion of the five-year contract, you can get the latest model when you renew your contract.

You'll also be able to take advantage of eo's complete lineup on their on-demand video service, as well as U-NEXT and other apps you can download from Google Play, since these smart TVs come with Android built-in.

Finally, you’ll be automatically entered in a drawing in which 10 lucky customers will win an HT-S350 Sony Soundbar speaker, a $250 value.

Insurance benefits

Another attractive advantage of this subscription service is that you're automatically covered for accidental (unintentional) damage as well as theft, fire, lightning, wind damage due to typhoons, flooding due to rain or tsunami, all of which are never available in insurance provided with outright purchases. Of course, you're also insured for natural wear and tear.

Subscription vs. Purchase

So why not buy a TV outright? If you're going for the 43- or 49-inch models, our investigation into current prices for these TV models reveals that you may end up paying a bit more or about the same if you quantify the additional insurance benefits not usually available when you buy a TV outright. However, if you're going for the 55- or 65-inch models, this subscription plan will end up costing less over 5 years than an outright purchase, and that's not counting insurance. And then you can upgrade to a new model!

Campaign information

  • Duration: May 25th, 2020 to July 31st, 2020
  • Conditions: Existing eo Hikari TV customers or customers intending to newly sign up (subscription service offered from August 1st to those newly signing up)
  • To sign up, visit eo's campaign page

By - Ben K.