With the restrictions put in place keeping us from heading out beyond our own genkan or balconies, there really is no better time than lockdown for saving a few yennies. However, rather than just saving a few odd coins here and there, wouldn’t you also like to get something back in return, say something like ...a baby dinosaur?

No, I’m not kidding.

"Dinosaur hatcher" is a money savings box specifically made for storing 100-yen coins, however, instead of just simply saving money, each time a 100 yen coin is inserted, part of the eggshell “breaks” and slowly reveals a cute baby dinosaur.

The owner of this money box will not only become a little bit richer each time they insert a coin but will also, little by little and coin by coin become a proud baby dinosaur keeper.

Shine Co. – the company behind the money box – has spent more than a year on material research for the egg shells, which, according to model, actress and dinosaur fan Haruka Ikuta, realistically cracks as if it were hatching a true dinosaur.

Ikuta released a youtube video reviewing the money box, saying “The way the egg breaks is real, and I was very moved by the birth of a dinosaur from there. It's so cute and it makes me happy just by looking at it. I want to get it!"

Haruka has her own column and often writes about dinosaurs for dino.network, and can also be seen regularly promoting her love for the creatures on her twitter and youtube channels.

Dinosaur Hatcher will be available to purchase at participating toy stores and online for 1,680 yen (excluding tax) from the 31st of May, 2020. The money box comes with a width of 80mm, height of 115mm and a diameter of 80mm.

One of the aims of the design is to teach children to have fun whilst saving money, although the hatching process can be enjoyed by dinosaur fans of any age.

Three different types of dinosaurs can be born from the money box: a Tyrannosaurus-rex, Triceratops, and a Pteranodon. There could be more additions to the list of dino-babies soon, as Shine Co. is already planning a second release.

Make your lockdown worth it; get your hands on the Dinosaur Hatcher Money Box, and become the richest dino baby mama around.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.