Despite the delayed releases of the latest Neon Genesis Evangelion film, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, the celebratory merchandise wave in Japan hasn't been impacted in the slightest. Recent months have seen Evangelion ramen, an Asuka-themed limited edition Fender guitar, and even Evangelion-themed Tamagotchi where you raised cutesy Angels released.

Now Evangelion fans can experience a "Shave Impact" with a new collaboration between the popular anime series and Schick Japan for Evangelion-themed razors. Of course, Gendo Ikari is the official spokesman.

The razors come available in color schemes and packages of Evangelion Unit-01 and Evangelion Unit-02 (piloted by Shinji and Asuka, respectively) and NERV itself.

While the razors are currently on sale throughout Japan, a special edition box set containing a storage pouch, stand, and replacement razor blades is exclusively being sold on Amazon Japan.

By - Big Neko.