Felissimo is a Japanese brand known for its strange and eccentric products, that you don't know you need until you see it. The quirky offerings are grouped into various lineups, such as the You+More series (a play on the Japanese pronunciation of the word humour) which includes smile-inducing products like a fried shrimp umbrella. Now, inspired by anime and manga with magical themes, they are opening their own 'Magic Club'. This is the start of a whole new line of products for Felissimo, aimed at ladies who like to embrace their resting witch face.

The range includes not only clothing, but accessories and even consumable goods dreamed up to bring a little bit more magic into every day life.

The clothing is perfect for anyone whose main fashion inspiration is American Horror Story’s Coven. Far from just plain black dresses, each piece has pretty gothic details such as lace, embroidery, buttons and buckles. But the general look is wearable enough that it could be worn in a variety of situations, without exposing your true magical nature.

The various accessories give off enchanting vibes too, such as this adorable makeup pouch which looks like an ancient spellbook. It seems like a pretty useful addition to any witch's bag, with plenty of sections for different products, and even a mirror so you can retouch your makeup while pretending to brush up on incantations.

The magic of technology is turned into something even more mystical with the ‘Amulet Pass Case’. The perfect place to house your travel IC card, the summoning circle inspired design lights up as it touches the IC card reader.

You can even make your tea break a bewitching experience. The 'Mystery Color Tea' looks like it was cooked up in some sort of potions lab, as it will change colour before your very eyes.

The whole lineup can be sought out in the Magic Club section of Felissimo's online store.

By - Jess.