For the dessert-lovers among us, one of the best parts about living in Japan is the wealth of trendy cafes with delicious and beautifully presented sweets. Sadly, casually popping into a cafe has become inadvisable, and staying at home is the smart choice for us responsible citizens. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our matcha desserts, as people are attempting to recreate cafe vibes at home with sweets bought at the local convenience store.

In the hopes of making this at-home-cafe experience as authentic as possible, Family Mart have teamed up with Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten, a matcha specialist shop based in Uji which boasts 450 years of history, to create a tantalising lineup of ‘umami matcha’ desserts.

There’s two creations in store for matcha enthusiasts to enjoy. The first of which is a four-layer green tea triumph, the ‘Umami Matcha Parfait’. Starting with a sponge base, next comes a milk mousse with a mild taste to offset the richness of the next layer, a matcha mousse. Lastly, the parfait is decorated with several toppings, including matcha jelly, satsuma segments and red bean paste.

While the parfait is inspired by traditional Japanese desserts, the second offering has a variety of influences. The ‘Umami Matcha Cheesecake Baum’ is a green tea dessert made in the style of a baumkuchen, but has been baked like a cheesecake.

These treats have been made to replicate a restaurant-taste at home, but such luxury can be obtained in Family Marts across Japan for less than 300 yen per dessert.

By - Jess.