More than ten months after Building One of Kyoto Animation in Kyoto's Fushimi Ward tragically burned to the ground in a horrific arson-murder incident which eventually claimed 36 lives, Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested the suspect earlier today, May 27th, 2020, according to a report by Asahi Shimbun.

On July 18th, 2019, the suspect was apprehended near the scene and had since been receiving inpatient treatment for burns, but the Kyoto Prefectural Police decided that he had sufficiently recovered to withstand confinement and interrogation.

The suspect was transferred to the Fushimi Ward Police station this morning.

Reporters and TV crew waiting in front of Fushimi Ward Police station | © Sankei News / © YouTube: "京アニ放火事件の青葉容疑者逮捕"

According to the police, the suspect is unable to get up or walk on his own, but he can talk to some extent. Since his doctors determined that he had recovered sufficiently, Kyoto Prefectural Police was preparing to make the arrest but had suspended plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the emergency declaration was lifted in Kyoto Prefecture on May 21st, preparations resumed and police decided to make the arrest today.

After being taken into police custody, he admitted: "There's no mistake. I did it."

Suspect being taken into the Fushimi Ward Police station | © Sankei News / © YouTube: "京アニ放火事件の青葉容疑者逮捕"

In addition to the 36 victims who tragically lost their lives in the attack, 34 suffered light to serious burns and other injuries, and one victim is still receiving in-patient care at the time of writing.

(Editor's note: We have decided not to publish the name of the suspect accused of murder-arson)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.