Umaibō, the popular 10-yen stick-shaped corn puff snack which has been a kids' favorite since 1979, is known for having many zany flavors. Spicy brined pollock roe flavor, why not? Mozzarella and camembert flavor, mais oui! Lobster flavor, yes sir (although discontinued). Nattoh (fermented soybeans) flavor, if you must. And that's not even getting into collaborations. Can you imagine a Nicolas Cage stick? Been there, done that.

But now, thanks to anime goods company Movic Co. Ltd., Umaibō is collaborating with one of the most internationally famous of anime franchises, One Piece, on a limited-edition boxed set of thirty to be released from their official shop, the Mugiawara Store.

Treasure Chest "cheese" flavor Umaibō

Taking on a cheese and "treasure chest" theme, they've decided to call this one the 「宝の地図(チーズ)味うまい棒」 takara no chizu (chīzu) umaibō, in a not-too-subtle wordplay involving the words for map (地図 chizu) and cheese (チーズ chīzu).

These Umaibō come in a box of 30 and fans of both the snack and the anime will appreciate the crossover happening on the box design, where the familiar Umaibō mascot Umaemon portrays the familiar Straw Hat pirates.

The snacks will come in three different designs, selected at random:

As a bonus, one of four mini plastic folder designs is included:

This special boxed set is scheduled to go on sale at Mugiwara Store locations in Shibuya and Ikebukuro in Tokyo, Abeno and Umeda in Osaka, as well as Nagoya and Fukuoka, at the Tokyo One Piece Tower store, and at Animate shops nationwide from July 2020. If you're going to pre-order (see link below), they recommend doing so before May 31st or supplies may run out.

Product information

  • Name (JP): 『ONE PIECE』宝の地図(チーズ)味うまい棒30本入り
  • Meaning: ONE PIECE Treasure Map cheese flavor Umaibō, box of 30
  • Price: 1,200 JPY plus tax
  • On sale from: July 2020
  • To pre-order, visit Movic Inc.'s website here

By - Ben K.