In Japan, restaurants will often celebrate the 29th of the month as "Meat Day" because in Japanese, two is "ni" and nine can be pronounced "ku", which results in "niku" (肉), or "meat". Usually the "celebration" consists of yakiniku restaurants offering special deals or people just posting beef heavy meals on Twitter, but for popular beef bowl chain Sukiya, it means the release of the "All Star Yakiniku Don"--a beef bowl loaded to the brim with three different types of meat.

The All Star Yakiniku beef bowl contains a heavy serving of beef rib, fatty pork toro, and chicken thigh, as well as garlic sprouts and green onions. Sukiya is promoting the hearty beef bowl as a meaty relief from the fatigue of staying at home so much in recent days, so it's slathering the beef bowl in what they call a stamina-boosting garlic yakiniku sauce. The raw egg pictured isn't normally included, but they recommend getting it as an extra topping.

Very hungry customers can also add another 360 yen on top of the 930 yen standard price to get 1.7X the serving of meat.

The bowl will officially go on sale in Japan starting on Meat Day (May 29th) for a limited time at Sukiya restaurants, but also be available for takeout and delivery.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.