In some good news for Demon Slayer fans, it seems brands are keen to get in on Kimetsu no Yaiba collaborations for their products. As one of the most popular anime of the last year it makes sense, and after seeing Demon Slayer underwear and coloured hair wax, it’s exciting to see what will come out next.

This recent collaboration is one for snack lovers, the beloved anime has teamed up with an iconic Japanese treat, Baby Star Ramen.

If you’ve ever side-eyed someone eating uncooked instant ramen, little did you know this is actually a time-honoured snack tradition in Japan. Baby Star Ramen is basically dried noodles that come ready-to-eat in crunchy bitesize pieces and with a range of flavours to choose from.

For this limited edition Kimetsu no Yaiba crossover, the flavour is apparently main character Tanjiro’s favourite, plum kombu onigiri. Since onigiri is a rice dish, it’s interesting that they’ve applied the taste to a noodle snack.

The packaging has four different designs inspired by the anime, showcasing famous faces and scenes.

If you want to collect all four, or just want to check out how rice-flavoured a noodle snack can be, the Kimetsu no Yaiba Baby Star Ramen is currently available in various Japanese convenience stores, and will be turning up in supermarkets next month.

By - Jess.