Recently, to avoid spreading the COVID-19, many stores and restaurants had to be temporarily closed or switched to take out services only.

Therefore, online nomikai/ drinking parties (飲み会) have been quite popular in Japan. However, when everyone is at home, it can get quite noisy when you have a nomikai with your colleagues or you need to participate in an online meeting for work.

Because of this reason and the pandemic, in Japan, a new type of restaurant-bars are gradually appearing and they promise us the best conditions for online drinking parties. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about other people as you are isolated and even orders are made via smartphone.

Kichiri Shinjuku store is one of those places and as soon as you go inside, you will be guided through an LCD monitor and you will find your seat by using the store’s maps guide. The paying system is cashless and customers order with their mobile phones by scanning the QR code on their tables.

When scanning it with your phone, the menu of the restaurant will show up and when the food comes, it will have a cover on and it will be left next to your table.

The restaurant has been developed under Sanitize Co., Ltd.'s guidance, and fulfills all the conditions for preventing the spreading of the virus.

A disinfection tunnel is also placed at the entrance of the store and a sensorless foot alcohol disinfectant has also been installed.

You can have online drinking parties inside and you also have an all-you-can-drink option available for a single person. 

The store lends tablets and ring lights so you can have the best conditions for your online party. Also, for those who don’t have masks, the restaurant can provide it for you.

From now on, more restaurants like Kichiri will probably appear in Japan and offer us a good environment for eating outside without worrying too much about the virus.

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By - cinnamonellie.