Due to the coronavirus effects and many nurseries, kindergartens, and schools being closed, families are spending more time together at their homes.

However, children can easily get bored when staying all day in the house and I’m sure that playing games, reading, and stuffed animals won’t be keeping them busy for that long.

When the time comes and they ask to go outside in the parks and meet with their friends, you should have an interesting idea ready so you can grasp their attention.

As it’s the beginning of the rainy season in Japan, too, these ideas can be used even on rainy days and it will make staying at home much easier and more enjoyable than always.

Below I will introduce you a few of the best things you can do while staying at home:

3D Puzzles

When a normal puzzle stops becoming appealing for your child, you should try out making a 3D puzzle together. 3D puzzles are more challenging and the result is definitely worth the hard work.

I am an adult and I love making 3D puzzles. The excitement I feel while making it and the result that always blows my mind makes all the efforts worthwhile.

You can buy many of these puzzles online on websites such as Amazon.

Camping at home

When I was young, I remember that on rainy days, I loved making tents with my sister using chairs and blankets.

Camping at home is an idea that your family and children will love. If you have a garden or a balcony, you can also do it outside, but camping indoors also has its charm.

You and your family can work together to bring the camping atmosphere inside your home and create a refreshing, outdoors vibe in your own house. Decorating and creating the atmosphere can be super fun while everyone comes up with ideas and is preparing the tents, fluorescent lights, and so on.

You can watch videos, prepare bento (lunch boxes), play games together in the tent while enjoying camping at your house.

Going to the market

You can make your shop, supermarket or restaurant and sell food/clothes or handmade accessories. If you decide on a restaurant, you can set up some tables, choose what you are in charge of, even make food and serve it to the customers. For a supermarket/shop, you can make fruits/vegetables/ accessories from paper, beads, etc. or use real ones, depending on your preference.

Origami and Airplane Race

Everyone can make paper airplanes and you can try doing so with your children and afterward, have airplane races, and see which one flies the most.

Just Dance

The Nintendo Switch Dancing game “Just Dance” has gained popularity during the stay home period. Children and adults both love this game as it keeps you busy, in shape, and dancing makes everything so much more enjoyable and fun. In Japan it is so popular, that it has been sold out in most of the stores.

Staying at home for a long period can get anyone stressed, so new activities and creative ideas to keep us busy during these times can be quite useful and make this period easier to get through.

How have you been spending the stay home period and what are your favorite activities to do at home?

By - cinnamonellie.