Artistic glass and cup designer Goodglas Japan has gained quite the fanbase lately due to their creative bubbly 3D-art glasses, which use handmade blown double glass walls to recreate adorable animal drinking companions. The bubbly and rounded nature of the glasses allow you to fill out color the coat of the animal with the drink of your choosing. Now as a followup to their popular scarf-wearing shiba inu glasses, Goodglas is releasing a kimono-clad set of cute shiba glasses.

The pair of kimono-wearing shiba inu comes as a set called the "Wafuku shiba inu nakayoshi ume set", or Japanese clothing good friends ume (Japanese plum) set--which is a pattern you can see featured on the red kimono of one of the canine glasses.

As with previous releases, the glasses are heat resistant up to 120 degrees Celsius, so pouring yourself a hot shiba beverage isn't a problem.

The set is available in limited quantity from Goodglas Japan's online store for 6,800 yen, and comes packaged in the specially designed box below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.