“We rescued a puppy.”

Japanese Twitter user MARCY (@marcy_com) in Hokkaido Tweeted a post which had an unexpected turnout and got a lot of feedback from commenters.

While driving for work on the main road in Tsukigata town, Kabata-gun, MARCY saw a black rounded object ahead of him, that seemed to be moving as passing by.

He couldn’t just drive pass it, so decided to park his car on the side road to take a closer look. He picked it up with gloves on, and then realized it was a puppy.

He looked for a mother dog near him for a while, but nothing in sight. “If I leave him here on the side of the road, he will be run over by cars.”

He decided to take the dog with him. He went back to work with the dog in the car, and went straight to a vet clinic after work. The vet figured the “puppy” was a month old female, slightly dehydrated, but otherwise healthy.

He also had a cat of his own at home, so took the dog to his parent’s home for the night. He posted a photo of the dog on twitter, and asked to share the post thinking maybe someone will recognize the dog.

There were many shares on the post, and also many comments that doubt the species of the cub, saying that it may not bet a dog, but a fox!

When he realized that it was an exotic animal which he cannot keep as a pet by-law, or free him in the wild as the cub will not stand a chance, he thought of contacting the fox rescue sanctuary “Northern fox farm-Kita kitsune bokujyo” in Hokkaido.

He was desperate as they would be the last resource to save the cub’s life. Luckily, the farm was very happy to take the fox in as a rescue.

The very next day, the cub was safely delivered to the farm. He named the cub “Luna”, promised her he would come visit her again, and got on his way home.

According to MARCY, because he was not advised otherwise from the vet, he did not doubt that the cub was a dog in the beginning. But once the cub started eating and regained her energy to “bark”, he started to also think it might be a fox, and not a dog. He took the cub back to the vet the next morning, and they reconfirmed that it was indeed, a fox.

Needless to say, this happy-ending attracted many positive comments:

-So happy to see the cute cub found his new home at the rescue farm.

-It’s nice to see that your kindness didn’t discriminate the species, either a dog or fox. When this isolation is over, I’d love to visit Hokkaido!

-A life is precious regardless of species. It is better to be saved than lost for no good reasons. After a thorough assessment, they confirmed Luna was free of Echinococcosis, a common tapeworm and a parasitic disease for foxes.

The main road that Luna was found tends to be quite a busy road with high traffic. If it wasn’t for MARCY, and the cub was left on the road, most likely the cub wouldn’t have survived. MARCY’s kindness and the act to save the cub, regardless of the species, to protect one life made many people smile.

By - Mugi.