Japanese Twitter user and papercraft artist Kasama (@KASAMASHINTARO) made a homemade figurine of an anime character, using the paper wraps of a McDonalds’ meal. The quality of the finished product was just so good that it's received a lot of praise on Twitter.

Take a look at its production process!

As you can see from the finished product below, it's none other than the Red Coment Char Aznable from the Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Let’s dissect it by parts to see which packaging wraps are being used on where:

Face (skin tone color): takeout bag

Chest pattern & shoulder pads (yellow color): “M” from the McDonalds logo

Arms and legs (red color): French fry container

Cape (black color): Big Mac container

The core support of the body: Chicken nugget container

It's impressive he even used the package wraps to build the face, too!

This post received many comments such as:

I thought it was a real figurine at the first sight….!

I think it takes more talent to build a figurine with paper wraps than with usual plastics!

Maybe it’s because his wife knew he can make his own figurines and that’s why she won't allow him him buy a real one…

The level of detail in this paper figurine is just amazing.

Kasama has made other homemade figurines with McDonald’s food wraps before, too, that you can check out on his Twitter if interested.

By - Mugi.