My dad is almost 65 years old and still works five days a week. No one can argue he isn’t hardworking. Quite the opposite in fact. So I think he deserves to kick back and relax in his La-Z-Boy chair after a nine-hour day and drink a beer while watching whatever is on TV at full-volume. The guy is developing some serious hearing problems.

As for me, I grew up with bean bag chairs. I used to play Pokémon on my Gameboy Color for hours lazing around on the form-fitting chair.

And although the first bean bag chair was invented in the late 1960’s by a trio of Italian designers (according to a quick Google Search), they certainly haven’t gone out of style.

Who Enjoys Bean Bag Chairs These Days?

Now I personally don’t have a bean bag sofa here in Japan, but recently Paru-san (@gsm_iham2) shared a picture of someone relaxing at home, bean bag style.

And no, it’s not a picture of Paru sitting on a bean bag chair, because where’s the fun in that? It’s much, much better!

Cute right?

Paru’s hamster certainly looks at home on the over-sized bean bag sofa. I wish I could shrink down to hamster-size and get the same experience myself.

Not only did the little hamster enjoy itself, but it also made quite the buzz on Twitter for Paru-san, with over half a million likes!

User Responses

Many users commented and shared images of their own pets enjoying bean bag sofas.

  • How adorable! So soothing!
  • What a luxurious way to use the sofa!
  • I didn’t realize it was a hamster for a second. I had to zoom in. So cute.

Here’s one of my favorite replies:

My hamster has succumbed to comfort, too.

Let me leave you with another picture of Paru’s hamster, just for good measure.

It stuffed some veggies into its mouth in one go, making a face that says, “What are you looking at?”

By - Mujo.