With Father's Day rapidly approaching, and the Chugen gift-giving season not far behind, many people in Japan are thinking about summer gift ideas. Fruit jellies are always a popular gift, which is in large part due to the high quality of the fruit grown here. The extraordinary prices sometimes fetched by Japanese watermelons, cantaloupes, and grapes testify to that fact.

You don't need to spend a fortune, however, to buy a gift featuring some of the best of Japanese fruit.

JUICY Co., a brand of fruit jellies made with 100% juice extracted from fruits grown in Japan, is now offering premium versions of their jellies as part of a special gift box which can be ordered online.

JUICY Co. premium fruit jellies

JUICY Co. fruit jellies are taken from the best fruits Japan has to offer at the peak of their flavor. Combined with their fresh and mouthwatering appearance, they're sure to please even the most discriminating of palettes.

Campbell Early Grape

A mix of Concord and Muscat grapes hybridized in the late 19th century, Campbell Early grapes are large, blue to black in color, very sweet and fragrant.

This jelly uses Campbell Early grapes from Iwate Prefecture. It has a rich flavor combining sweetness and sourness and its texture gives you the sensation of eating the fresh pulp of black grapes. The pigment, moreover, has an antioxidant effect that can prevent the aging of your skin.

Shiranui Mandarin Orange

Shiranui, otherwise known as Dekopon or Sumo Mandarin, is a very sweet mandarin orange from Ehime prefecture with a sugar level of 13% or higher. They're juicy, with just the right blend of sweetness and sourness, and without any bitterness. They have a high nutritional value, containing β-cryptoxanthin, vitamin C, citric acid, and pectin, and other natural ingredients good for beautiful skin.

Shinano Gold Apple

"Shinano Gold" is one of the three so-called apple siblings: Akiei, Shinano Sweet, and Shinano Gold. They've been cultivated in Nagano Prefecture for many years. The apples used for these jellies have a sugar content of 14% or higher. With its moderate acidity, fruity texture and natural sweetness, this jelly is made to please.

Hyuganatsu Citrus

Hyuganatsu citrus, also known as Konatsu, Tosakonatsu or New Summer Orange, are a representative product of Miyazaki Prefecture. With a bracing citrusy taste and moderate sweetness, it's a refreshing taste perfect for summer.

To order

You can order this gift box of four JUICY Co. premium fruit jellies from their online store here. It will set you back 2,160 JPY (tax incl.) and can be delivered within Japan.

Note; If you'd like to have it sent abroad, you'll need to use a forwarding service like Tenso or White Rabbit Express, but you should check in advance to see how long it will take to arrive since the expiration date is 10 days from the initial shipping date.

By - Ben K.