Ringoro lives with his human family. Spending all day in the company of humans, it’s only natural that the adorable Shiba dog has started to think that he’s a person too. According to his proud owner, Ringaro watches over his one-year-old daughter as if he were her older brother.

Being just a year old, the little girl has only recently started to enjoy playing ‘Peekaboo!’ The ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ game has quickly become her favourite. When Ringoro first saw his little sister playing the game with her doting father, he decided that he wanted to join in on the fun.

“Ringoro-kun is always surprising us with the things he does, like he’s a real person,” his owner says. “My daughter was having so much fun hiding her face in her jumper. Ringoro-kun noticed what she was doing and how happy it made her feel, and must have thought, "What’s going on here? Let me have a try!”

Take a look at this clip. It shows Ringoro snuffling around trying to find the little girl under her jumper. “My daughter found her older brother’s behaviour so funny!” says her father.

Ringoro the Shiba is such a budding human he even has his own Twitter account (@ringoro119). His clips have brought smiles to the faces of thousands of Twitter users too.

  • “This made me smile. I feel really touched,” wrote one.
  • “What a good-looking brother!” wrote another.
  • “Their double act is just too cute!” wrote a third.”

If Ringoro had a jumper to wear, maybe he’d play the same game. Even without clothes to hide behind, we think you’ll agree that the interaction between the adorable Shiba dog and the little scamp is too cute to resist.

By - George Lloyd.