Thanks to Ginza Cozy Corner, a sweets making chain known for their beautifully presented desserts, Japanese Disney fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to character inspired cakes.

Previously they’ve been treated to Easter desserts featuring Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess cakes for Girls’ Day, and even an enchantingly sweet tribute to Aladdin.

Now they’re taking on Pixar’s classic movie series, Toy Story. This super cute 9-piece set should appeal to both nostalgic adult fans and kids alike. Can you recognise the character references in each cake?

Starting from the top row, the Toy Story aliens are a popular motif in Japan thanks to their cuteness, and they’re represented in the dessert collection by a roll cake with ramune flavoured cream. Instantly recognisable by his purple and green getup, Buzz Lightyear’s sweet is a cheese mousse with grape jam. Then on the right, there’s a choco crunch mousse with a springy tail just like Slinky.

In the middle row, Mr and Mrs Potato Head make a cute couple as a chocolate banana cream tart, and next, there’s another tart based on Buttercup, with yoghurt flavour cream. Rex has become a delicious matcha roll cake.

And lastly the bottom row consists of a Bo-Peep themed ramune and cheese cream roll cake, a chocolate chip cream cake for Woody, and Ducky and Bunny’s mint and lemon cream tart.

The diverse set of nine desserts comes in an attractive box featuring several characters. A tasty way to bring a touch of Disney magic to a teatime or party, it can be picked up at branches of Ginza Cozy Corner from 22nd June until 16th July 2020, and it costs 2700 yen.

By - Jess.