It's always a good sign for a marriage when the couple has a unifying passion. For Ishiko (@ishikooooo) and her husband Ikatarou (@Ikatarou_cos), it's love of cosplaying Kagura and Gintoki from popular anime Gin Tama--and doing it very well at that!

While their high quality costumes have earned them plenty of fans, Ishiko recently put out a Tweet that has the cosplay couple getting even more attention. According to Ishiko, if the couple ever have children, this is the photo they can show them of mom and dad's first meeting:

"I was thinking, if we ever have children, when they grow up do we have any pictures we can show them?! 'This is a picture of the day your mom and dad first met =)' would end up being stupid."

The photo is from when the couple first met at an anime event, and they thought it would be a funny gag photo to pose in the anime trope of a German Suplex out of nowhere, but it ended up being a German Suplex of love now that the two are happily married as a Gin Tama cosplaying couple.

The story is good enough on its own, but it gets better as Tomokazu Sugita, Gin Toki's voice actor, commented saying "I look forward to the high quality finish of your future children"--a quip from the anime itself.

It's a lovely story for couple, Gin Tama, and cosplay fans. For more awesome Gin Tama cosplay, be sure to follow both Ishiko and Ikatarou on Twitter and Instagram. Here are a few highlights of their great work.

By - Big Neko.