A lot of people have a lot of talents. The internet, YouTube, and Instagram have made that very clear. Eating excessive calories and sumo sized portions, detonating makeshift liquid nitrogen explosives, and enjoying some home cooking on an overheating CPUs. Even less than perfect attempts can be pretty entertaining:

If you like what you’ve seen so far, I’d suggest you take a moment to check out hikaru_shakariki’s Instagram page. The Instagrammer has a knack for impersonating his mother, acting out every day slap-stick situations dressed as her. Videos range from “When Mom Wants to Exercise” to “When It’s on the Tip of Her Tongue." Unfortunately, there are no subtitles. Nonetheless, his videos are a good chance to brush up on your Japanese. I'll summarize a few entries below.

When Mom Wants to Exercise

On this occasion, "Mom" is watching TV when some kind of exercise program comes on. Of course, she wants to work out. After all, it's been a while, and she wants to get in shape.

But, hold on, the announcer casually informs her that she needs two 500 ml PET bottles as part of the exercise. As she scolds the announcer to "hold on," she struggles to find PET bottles convenient. Once she finally gets a pair of containers filled with water and ready for the exercise, it's too late. The exercise program has finished.

Lured by Sweet Potatoes

"Mom" hears the familiar song of a grilled sweet potato vendor—a salesman akin to an ice cream truck in the West—in the distance and her ears perk up. It's been a long time since the vendor was in the neighborhood. Why not have a bite?

Yet, she isn't going to get them herself. She looks to her "son," who knows what she expects, but is none too happy about it. Nevertheless, it seems he has no choice in the matter. "Just get two," she says," And make sure they are big." Her son wonders if she really needs to supersize her order.

Please Clean it Up Immediately

Like many housewives, "Mom" diligently makes a bento lunch box for her family members every day. If you are unaware,these Japanese style lunches can actually be a lot of work. Certainly, not a trivial task.

Ahhh, "Mom" finally finished watching the dishes. With a loving tap, she reminds her "son"—perhaps conveniently at this point—to get out his bento box so it can be cleaned. Of course, he neglected to do so earlier, but, he knows the rules, he's supposed to take it out first thing as soon as he gets home.

But "hey!" she was just washing the dishes, why didn't she say anything then? As "Mom" casually explains, you've forgotten so many times, what does it matter. Also, how come he never says "thank you" or "that was delicious" to his "mother." He takes out the bento and says thanks for the dish. However, it's too late for that now. He’s got to clean it himself.

When She Wants You to Stop

We all have a habit or two that are annoying to others. And, likewise, everyone also has a pet peeve, or two, or three...Some more than others.

“Mom" can't help but notice that her "son" keeps shaking his foot. This is bothersome when you see it from across the room, let alone when its happening less than a meter from your face. Of course, "Mom" wants him to stop, but he doesn't feel particularly sympathetic. He stops, but only after getting a few words in edgewise.

So, she gives him a taste of his own medicine. Why not? She shakes his stomach and shows him how annoying his habit is. She even uses her head to emphasize her point. Her "son's" annoyed expression makes it seem that the lesson has stuck. "So please stop," she nicely asks.

By - Luke Mahoney.