If you're a fan of the great pink round one, July is going to be a great time to visit Kirby Cafe! Back by popular demand, Kirby Cafe Summer is returning for 2020.

This year, you'll find all kinds of fun and tasty menu items, from "Kirby's summer holiday" featuring Kirby enjoying summer on the beach, "Chef Kawasaki's 'Eternal Summer' Seaside Pilaf" featuring Chef Kawasaki on a sandy beach enjoying his holidays, and borrowing a bit from Ice Kirby's power, there's even "Ice Kirby's Tokimeki Frozen Parfait," a refreshing blue shaved ice dessert.

Enjoy "Kirby Cafe in Summer" again this year!


Kirby's Munch Munch Gapao Ball: 1,980 JPY + tax

Comes with souvenir lunch box

Chef Kawasaki's 'Eternal Summer' Seaside Pilaf: 1,680 JPY + tax


Kirby's Summer Vacation 2020: 1,580 JPY + tax

Ice Kirby's Tokimeki Frozen Parfait: 1,280 JPY + tax


Planet Misteen: 1,980 JPY + tax

Comes with souvenir glass jar.

Marriage of Truth and Lies: 880 JPY + tax

Takeout menu: Hungry Half-and-Half Pizza

To find out more details about Kirby Cafe Summer 2020, visit their homepage here.

By - Ben K.