Matcha is such a popular flavour in Japan that you can find its bitter and rich taste in all kinds of snacks. This includes chocolate, cakes, shaved ice, popcorn, and doughnuts, among other sweet treats.

Some of these combinations are classic at this point, since green tea is an ingredient often found in traditional Japanese desserts anyway. But others are more on the unexpected side. These days you can even find matcha in savoury main dishes such as curry and ramen if you know where to look.

One limited-time-only treat which should excite the palate is a new flavour from 'Jaga Choco Grande', a type of Japanese potato snack with a chocolate coating. This eccentric combo mixes salty, sweet and bitter for a hard-hitting taste experience.

Each salty fried potato has a thick chocolate coating, flavoured with rich matcha from Uji, a famous area of Kyoto known for their high quality green tea. Not only is it a mix of distinct tastes, but also textures, such as the combination of crunchy, crinkle-cut potato and creamy chocolate.

These surprising snacks seem like a must-try for die-hard matcha lovers, and can be found in various food retailers in Japan until August this year, costing 180 yen.

By - Jess.