“A wonderful thing happened today.”

Japanese Twitter user Karu (@carolpolca1), who works for an umbrella rental company “Nature Innovation Group Corporation”, started off her Twitter post with a joyful tone.

Sagawa delivery staffs to save the day!

The company that Kaoru works at offers umbrella rental service in places like train stations, called “Ai-kasa” (Sharing umbrella).

One day, for a company renewal in the city, they ordered 100 boxes of umbrella stands. They received all the 100 boxes, only to realize they only had one car to move them!

The delivery company also wasn’t equipped with an extra car to help them, either. Kaoru and one other admin staff came to the conclusion that they were able to move only 6 boxes at a time with the only car they had.

In the scorching heat, they were almost in tears having to carry the heavy boxes.

Then, three Sagawa (a Japanese shipping company) delivery staff on lunch break approached them. And unexpectedly, the Sagawa employees offered to give a hand to carry the boxes!

Sweating buckets, going all the way to the 4th floor and back, the three employees managed to move most of the boxes for Kaoru and another staff.

This unexpected, kind-hearted action touched Kaoru. She posted:

“Ai-kasa is a forever fan of Sagawa Express. I will never forget their kindness.”

According to Kaoru, she sent Sagawa a Thank you letter from the Sagawa Express inquiry page on their website.

This story touched many people. They commented, “Impressive!” to the three employees’ remarkable actions.

The powerful, kind-hearted action that they took was just simply inspirational!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.