Are you looking for a new way of streaming cool anime songs, video game songs and other songs to enjoy as background music, music to jog or run to, music to chill out to, entertain you and uplift your spirits?

MixBox is a new 24-hour streaming service playing music and video content from Bandai Namco Arts, which took over the Lantis label in 2018. It launched today, July 10th, and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

To kick off the fun, from 22:00 JST on July 10th, you can listen to a special playlist made by Ayaka Ohashi, Akane Kumada, kevin mitsunaga (fhána), Aina Suzuki, TRUE, Sogo Nakamura, nano.RIPE, Kaede Higuchi, Ai Furuhata and R・O・N(STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION)

For the rest of July's schedule you can check Amane Lan's Twitter account:

Wait a second, who's Amane Lan? She's MixBox's navigator, voiced by Akane Kumada, 2017 Grand Prix winner of the voice actor artist audition “ANISONG STARS” and promising new artist who debuted from the Lantis label on January 29, 2020. Her design was created by illustrator LAM (@ramdayo1122).

  • Name: 天音蘭 Amane Lan
  • Title: Music-loving anisong DJ girl
  • Nickname: DJ Lan
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: Nov. 26
  • Hobbies: Anime, games, SNS, remaking her favorite songs in chiptunes style, ASMR
  • Weaknesses: She loses sight of everything else when she's hooked on something. Bad sense of direction.
  • Dream: Delivering music people love to the world
  • Likes: Music, anime, games and subculture in general
  • Dislikes: Horror and unharmonious sounds
  • Favorite cuisine: Japanese stew (nabe)
  • Musical tastes: All music, but anime songs in particular

You can see her "Self-introduction" video here:

To enjoy MixBox, you can visit the website here.

By - Ben K.