Last year, Domino's Japan released their very own "ura menu" (secret menu) that wasn't exactly that much of a secret. The menu, which was apparently quite the hit, included a Tsundere Pizza made for anime fans. Now "Ura Domino's" is back with four pizzas that make their name on excess--including layers of garlic and mayonnaise--as well as a mountain of french fries.

Pizza in Japan can sometimes have some pretty adventurous and unusual toppings compared to what you may be used to (including boba pizza with tapioca pearls), which sometimes mean you'll end up at a pizza party with a pie slathered in mayonnaise. The series doubles--or triples, actually--down on that by adding three times the amount of mayonnaise! They're all loaded with varying amounts of garlic to boot.

Garlic master of shame

A pizza that promises to shame you with a heavy case of garlic and mayo breath the next day.

Toppings: Tomato sauce, finely ground sausage, pancetta, black pepper, mayonnaise (3 times the usual amount), garlic (normal amount).

The kalbi pizza of immorality

The "immorality" refers to a calorie heavy pizza loaded with sweet and spicy ribs drenched in mayo and garlic.

Toppings: Kalbi beef ribs, bell peppers, mayonnaise (3 times the usual amount), garlic (2 times the usual amount.

Guilty Genovese pizza

You're supposed to feel "guilty" for eating a pizza this rich and delicious.

Toppings: Basil sauce, ham, potatoes, parmesan mixed cheese, mayonnaise (3 times the usual), garlic (2 times the usual amount)

Forbidden charcoal grilled beef pizza

We're not quite sure what is so forbidden about charcoal grilled beef, but Domino's says the pizza has a powerful fragrance and "forbidden taste".

Toppings: Spinach, mushrooms, charcoal grilled beef, mayonnaise (3 times the usual amount), garlic (2 times the usual amount)

If you can't decide on your guilty pleasure, you can also order a "quatro" pizza that divides all into four parts on one pie.

The excess isn't limited to just pizza--Domino's is also serving up their french fries (in flavors of butter, consommé, and chili garlic) in 1 kg (2.2 lbs) batches--or a 3 kg (6.6 lbs) of all flavors!

The hidden menu will be available from Domino's Japan from July 13th-July 26th.

By - Big Neko.