Whether you're looking for the perfect accessory to complete your cosplay or an attention-grabbing addition to a costume at a special party, nothing beats a pair of moving, controllable, mechanical wings.

That might sound like a tall order to most people. But doujin music enthusiast, Touhou fan, cosplay photographer and cosplay costume designer Yukkie Mizuhashi has both the technical knowledge and the passion for Touhou characters to pull it off.

Mizuhashi's wings are controlled wirelessly with a PlayStation 3 remote and mounted on a base which is worn like a backpack. So far, there have been two types:

Black feathered wings

Particularly suited for cosplaying Aya Shameimaru (a crow tengu), but also suitable for Utsuho Reiuji (a raven tengu), and other characters sporting wings with black feathers, this item is currently on auction at Yahoo Auction until July 24th 23:59 JST.

If you're curious to know how mecha-wings look when you put them on, here's what the first model looked like:

Vampire-type (bat) wings

These vampire-type (bat-like) wings are recommended for characters like Remilia Scarlet, from Touhou, or Sophie Twilight, one of the main characters in the manga and anime Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhoodor, or other vampire-type characters. These wings are currently on auction at Yahoo Auction until July 25th 23:59 JST.

A cool feature is that you can not only control the wings with the controller's joysticks and buttons but also using tilt control.

To find out more about the latest projects, follow Yukkie Mizuhashi on Twitter here.

By - Ben K.