"Tabe-Masu" wagashi series

Bandai's "Tabe-Masu" 食べマス wagashi sweets series sold exclusively at Family Mart convenience stores are a fun, affordable and easy way of enjoying your favorite characters while sampling traditional nerikiri wagashi, the highest grade of wagashi using bean paste of various colors fashioned into beautiful shapes.

Some of the versions we've reviewed on grape Japan include One Piece, Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll and Pochacco, Sumikko Gurashi, Doraemon, and Detective Conan.

Tabe-Masu Dragon Ball Super

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The most famous of the dragons in the Dragon Ball universe, Shenron has the power to grant any wish once the seven Dragon Balls are assembled. In this Tabe-Masu series, Shenron is made in a green nerikiri with authentic matcha flavor obtained from green tea leaves. Rendered in detail with his piercing red eyes, beard and tail, it's quite a piece of craftsmanship.

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The Dragon Balls are mochi wagashi with a custard cream filling, and have the famous star markings on them. In addition to seven varieties with the corresponding number of stars displayed, there are two additional "secret" varieties, making a total of nine for you to discover.

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They come in a set of two, one Shenron and one Dragon Ball, chosen at random. Collect all seven and maybe your wishes will come true!

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Product Information

  • Name (JP): 食べマス ドラゴンボール超
  • Name (EN): Tabe-Masu Dragon Ball Super
  • Contents: Shenron (Matcha nerikiri), Dragon Ball (custard cream mochi wagashi)
  • Size: approx. 40 mm across (excluding packaging)
  • Price: 369 JPY + tax
  • On sale from July 28th, 2020
  • Availability: Sold at Family Mart convenience stores nationwide, while supplies last.
  • Product website
  • Retailer: Bandai Co., Ltd.

By - Ben K.