Japan has a long history of importing foods from overseas and, through a certain Japanese je ne sais quois, giving them a makeover into exquisite new dishes. Like Ramen, which arrived as soup noodles from China way back in the 19th century and was transformed into a globally popular Japanese dish of unmatched soupy scrumptiousness. At some point, custard pudding was also gently whisked through the filter of Japanese taste to become a nationally popular, gorgeously gooey dessert called Purin, or プリン in Japanese.

Purin, while readily available in convenience stores, is best sampled from speciality stores in Japan. One of the most famous is Atami Pudding, based in Atami City. They opened their doors in 2017 and have since drawn long lines of hungry patrons eager to indulge in their delicious range of uniquely flavored puddings. Their customary glass milk bottle containers branded with a cute red hippo logo also make the puddings excellent instagram fodder. According to Atami Pudding, #atamipudding has been used over 50,000 times on instagram since their opening.

Atami Pudding’s flagship adorable store. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

Emergency Pudding during the state of emergency

Unfortunately, Atami Pudding had to shut their three stores during April and May in line with a nationwide state of emergency declared in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with months of uncertainty and unable to deafen their ears to the somber rumbling of a nations pudding starved stomachs, Atami Pudding took their business online. The store offered online pudding boxes during the months of April and May. Each box offered a delicious selection of the stores signature puddings, along with store merchandise like the fashionable tote bags pictured below.

Atami Pudding’s July “Thank You Box”. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

Atami Pudding received over 6,000 orders from across Japan during April and May for their popular pudding boxes. Thanks to the support of loyal customers all over the nation, Atami Pudding could keep their business alive and reopen from June 1st after the state of emergency was lifted in Japan.

A new business model that emerged from the State of Emergency

Due to the popularity of Atami Pudding’s online pudding boxes, the store is once again offering a special online pudding box during July.

The special “Thank You box” contains 4 varieties of puddings:

  • Atami pudding with special caramel syrup | ¥380
  • Atami pudding with Daidai sauce and Millenium salt from Ita | 380 yen
  • Fromage Pudding - Espresso | ¥380
  • Fromage Pudding - Berry berry | ¥380

Each “Thank You box” will also contain two special “Summer Peach” puddings, priced at ¥400 a piece, that won’t be available in stores until August.

Atami Pudding “Thank You Box” with custom tote bag. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

Boxes will also include non edible items. A special box to store your Atami Puddings and a custom tote bag for true pudding devotees.

All this puddingy pleasure can be yours for ¥4500 (including tax and cool storage shipping to anywhere in japan). For anyone who patronized Atami Pudding by buying a “Thank You box” in April or May, July’s box will be offered to you at the bargain price of ¥3500 (including tax and cool storage shipping).

Atami Pudding’s Hippo shaped syrup container is adorable. | © SocialWire Co., Ltd.

Residents of Japan who want to indulge in their own pudding box can order them from the Atami Pudding website here.

The special box is on sale until the end of July.

Store Details

  • Store Name: Atami Pudding Flagship Store
  • Address: 3-14 Taharahonmachi, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Access: 3 minutes walk from JR Atami Station
  • TEL: 0557-81-0720
  • Operating hours: 10:00-18:00
  • Official Website

By - Toby M.