You’re stressed out from work. Maybe it’s the long hours spent staring at your computer screen. Not to mention the hour commute from your home. And then there’s the dread of working with that awful colleague of yours.

Just thinking about it makes you contemplate the many excuses you could use to call out tomorrow…

Have you been there before? Maybe you’re in this kind of situation now. For most of us, it’s not so hard to imagine.

When you can’t stand it any longer and make up your mind to quit, you then face the dilemma of telling your loved ones or parents if you’re still living at home.

For some, that may present quite a barrier and even force one to continue enduring even the worst job.

The Curious Case of Choco

22-year-old Choco (@chocoUSstocks) just entered the working ranks in Japan last year.

He was faced with his own challenges at his job and messaged his parents upon deciding to quit.

Parents’ Unconditional Support

Choco sent a message in his family’s group LINE chat saying “Sorry, but I can’t stand this job anymore.”

He uploaded a screenshot of his parents’ response to his Twitter, which has created quite the buzz with over 110,000 likes and more than 16,000 retweets.

Reproduced with permission from @chocoUSstocks

Choco: “Sorry, but I can’t stand this job anymore.”

Dad: “What’s wrong!?”

Dad: “Is it too tough!?”

Dad: “It’s alright, you can quit!”

Mom: (Sends cute stamp) “OK Roger that!”

Mom: “You don’t know what it’s like until you actually work. Thanks for your hard work. Please let yourself rest for a while.”

From Dad’s immediate response and concern, to Mom’s complete understanding, their unconditional love and support for Choco rang out loud and clear.

Choco commented on the LINE screenshot saying his parents’ response gave him the impetus to quit that day. He cited his mom’s mysteriously enthusiastic stamp as being particularly comforting.

The response to Choco’s tweet was overwhelming and he said he received countless replies and encouragement about his decision to quit and find work elsewhere.

So whether you or your loved one is deliberating whether to quit a job, I hope that we can all offer the same kind of outpouring of love and support that Choco received.

By - Mujo.