Japan has a number of festivals spread across the year which pay honour to the country’s numerous plants and flowers. In spring we have the sakura festivals, in early summer there are the hydrangea festivals, and in the autumn a number of festivals and events center around chrysanthemums. But we must not forget the one of the biggest stars of nature festivals; the sunflower.

With the sun playing an important role in Japanese mythology and history, it is understandable that the flower resembling the celestial body is quite popular amongst citizens.
The flowers bloom from late summer to mid-autumn and are the subject of a number of events, one of which is Osaka’s Himawari Festa – or sunflower festival.

Held annually at Sakai’s Harvest Hill, according to organisers, last year’s event saw a gathering of more than 50,000 people from across the country who came to witness the event’s showcase of 80,000 sunflowers.
This year the event will include sunflower picking experiences, a sunflower crafts experience and a photo contest in addition to the popular sunflower fields. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a variety of sunflower inspired dishes available at the park’s restaurants and bakeries.

Himawari Festa – Sunflower Picking Experience

For 500 yen visitors can enjoy the experience of picking sunflowers correctly for displays and ornaments. Partakers will be able to pick up to 10 sunflowers in their allotted time slot.
The event is first come first served and is limited to the first 30 people to approach on the day.

Dates: Saturday 8 August and Sunday 9 August 2020

Himawari Festa – Photo Contest

A simple sunflower instagram photo contest. Take a picture with the sunflowers at the event and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #ハーベストの丘2020夏のフォトコンテスト Contest.
Participate for the chance to win a Harvest Hill gift certificate of 15,000 yen and a mix of homemade goods. In addition to the grand prize winner, five runners up will receive homemade goods from Harvest Hill worth 5,000 yen.

Dates: Any day during the festival. Saturday 1 August - Monday 31 August.
The winners will be announced on the official Harvest Hill instagram account after the event.

Himawari Festa – Sunflower Crafts

Visitors to the event will also be given the opportunity to try out some craftwork, and will be able to make framed sunflower artwork and/or sunflower themed money boxes.
Participation in these events include additional fees on top of the event price:

Framed Sunflower Artwork – 2,500 yen
Sunflower themed money box – 1,600 yen

The crafting events will take place year round, however the sunflowers used for making the framed sunflower art will be picked from this year’s Himawari Festa.

PR Times

In addition to all the sunflower themed events and opportunities at the Himawari Festa, festival-goers will be able to refill on a menu full of sunflower inspired dishes.

Harvest Hill Town Bakery
Hours: 10:00am - 16:00pm

Sunflower Melon Pan – 200 yen
Sunflower Corn Pan – 200 yen

PR Times

Harvest hill Kitchen House

Hours: 11:00am - 13:00pm

Sunflower Curry – 1,000 yen
This medium-spiced curry is shaped into a sunflower and served with handmade sausage and saffron rice.

Himawari Festa

Dates: Saturday 1 August – Monday 31 August 2020

Location: Sakai green hills garden of the Museum Harvest. 2405-2 Hachigamine-ji, Minami-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka

Hours: 10:00am – 17:00pm

Garden Entrance Fees

Adults (Junior high age +) – 1000 yen
Children (4 ~ Junior high age) – 600 yen
Student ID holder – 700 yen
Over 65’s – 700 yen
*3 years and under go free

By - Connie Sceaphierde.