Animal videos are always entertaining. Simply taking a few minutes to watch pets being derps, i.e. r/AnimalsBeingDerps, always brightens my day. On the other hand, I have to admit the numerous guilty dog videos are also amusing. You've probably seen them, but just in case:

They know what they did…

Drop it!

Or do they?

Despite what a 30 second home clip suggests, if you read up on dog behavior and the use of punishment, it quickly seems uncertain whether the message is conveyed. Indeed, according to some, punishment can make matters worse in certain cases. Perhaps pet owners are just anthropomorphizing.

Manga artist Tayumu (@taumPikkiluna) recently caught his mutt red-pawed. The Shiba Inu managed to get ahold of his valuable Apple Pencil—and a stalemate ensued

With permission from © Tayumu (@taumPikkiluna)

With permission from © Tayumu (@taumPikkiluna)

With permission from © Tayumu (@taumPikkiluna)

Fortunately, some quick thinking saved Tayumu's Apple Pencil—and his 10,000 JPY.

Netizens enjoyed the piece:

  • “Whoa that was close, really close. If he had chewed, it would’ve been trashed.”
  • “You can understand the desperation. It would’ve also been dangerous for the dog if he had swallowed”
  • “I was so nervous reading this. I’m glad he let it go.”

A close call indeed.

You can find more manga by Tayumu on his Twitter account.

By - Luke Mahoney.