You may have thought that Godiva’s pricey beverages, filled with creamy and decadent Belgian chocolate, were already pretty luxurious in the chocolate drink world. But little did we know just how opulent the chocolatiers could go when celebrating the Chocolixir’s 15th anniversary.

As part of Godiva Japan’s celebrations they have prepared several special, limited-time-only treats for chocoholics to enjoy, including the lavish 'Chocolixir Golden'.

All that glitters is not gold, but in the case of this beverage, genuine edible gold leaf is used. No expense has been spared, as the gold leaf fully covers the drink’s creamy peak and even spills down the side like a sparkling curtain.

Underneath the golden covering, the contents of the beverage is made up of various chocolates with differing cacao content. There's white chocolate and vanilla with 27% cacao, milk chocolate with 31%, then two heavy hitters, dark chocolate with 72% and another dark chocolate with 85%.

The Chocolixir Golden comes in two sizes, costing either 834 yen or 940 yen. A full list of Godiva shop locations can be found online. Once the run of this luxurious treat is over, there's also a mystery Chocolixir on the way, starting from 10th August.

By - Jess.