Animal Crossing New Horizons has undoubtedly been one of the high points of a 2020 otherwise overshadowed by pandemic pandemonium and a postponed Olympics. It has given millions of players access to interior design, shopping, and nature exploration experiences that are pretty much off-limits in the real world at this time. 4 months after its release, the game continues to be all the rage!

Part of the game’s enduring appeal is undoubtedly its exciting collaborations with clothing brands like FREAK’s Store or elegant Kyoto Kimono maker, Chiso. This has given players around the world access to ultra stylish Japanese fashion brands which they can clad their characters in in-game.

Now, the next big brand to break on to the Animal Crossing scene has been announced: LA streetwear designer XLARGE!

Founded in LA in 1991, XLARGE has been creating an iconic streetwear style that fuses together the latest trends from music, art, and skateboarding into its clothing lineups. The brand is instantly recognizable by its Gorilla logo.

XLARGE collaborated with Animal Crossing to provide a range of clothing that reflect their real world autumn clothing lineup. Seen as the epitome of LA’s ever evolving street scene, the collaboration is going to bring a whole new wave of ‘cool’ to player's islands.

Check out the ‘X-tra’ reasons for Animal Crossing players to keep playing with these awesome XLARGE clothing and home design items pictured below:

To download these XLARGE Items, follow the instructions below and input the IDs from this link.

How to download XLARGE original clothing items

  • First, unlock the clothing store “Able Sisters”.
  • Join Nintendo Switch Online
  • Interact with the showcase in the upper center of the Able Sisters store.
  • Search for the item IDs in the above link.
  • Download each time.

There you have it! Enjoy downloading the XLARGE clothing designs and keep your characters looking cool in preparation for the Autumn season.

By - Toby M.