Cats give many people happiness. There are many of us who are in LOVE with cats, and collect all kitty related items and goods.

Now, let us introduce you cat enthusiasts, to this irresistible “infinite-kitty-producing” machine, “Koneko (Kitty cat) Cup”!

Just so adorable! Makes a perfect SNS post, too! It's a follow up to the original Neko Cup by Japanese design brand Ash Koncent.

Doesn’t it make you feel better about your cooking when you can decorate the food just so perfectly to showcase it on your SNS?

We just got the perfect item to help you out with that; “Koneko Cup”!

Just an ordinary ketchup rice or fried rice can turn into a cutest meal!

It makes you want to be even more creative with added sauce or an omelet on the side! The imagination is infinite.

This cute item might even encourage small children to help out in the kitchen more, too.

“Koneko cup” dessert is just too cute!

“Koneko Cup” can also be used to make cute kitty shaped dessert, too. Simply pour your jello or milk pudding into the cup, and… Voila!

Kawaiiiiiii! (So cute!)

You can also entertain even more and draw a face with a chocolate pen!

Why not make a dessert that is not only tasty, but also adorable and fun to make with this Koneko cup!

Making dessert with Koneko cups! Koneko cups for interior design or kids to play…!

It isn’t just the kitchen that Koneko cups come in handy.

If you bring them to the park or beach, you can have fun making sand-kitties with your kids!

How about snow-kitties on a snow day?

Three different colors make them a perfect interior decorative item!

Koneko cups come in three different colors; beige, white and black. The smooth surface and matte tone colors make them a perfect decorative item for your interior design, too.

Koneko cup also comes in one size larger, “Neko cup” (Cat cup).

If you place them both side by side, it’s just like a mom and kitty cat sitting next to each other, which will surely bring a smile to people who see them.

Why not get one each of Koneko and Neko cup and get creative?

The molds are available for online order from Ash Koncent.

By - Mugi.