Twitter account, “Rai chan nikki-Diary of Rai” (@raichanniki) is about a beloved cat, Rai, and is a daily report of life of Rai managed by his owner.

One day, while Rai was totally zoned out looking in the air, his owner decided to film him.

“Oh shoot… I’m on camera!”

The moment Rai realized he was on the camera he suddenly started working on scratching his nails on the bed as if he was putting his “cat act” on.

According to the owner, Rai thinks himself as human, and perhaps “is tired of pretending to be a cat for the show”.

[Comments from the viewers]

“Wait, are you filming me? Let me do something more cat-like then…**scratch scratch scratch “

Too funny. His face though, when he snapped out of it!

So adorable. He must have had his guard down.

Here is the video clip that received over 120,000 likes. It seems like this unusual reaction of Rai the cat, brought smiles to many people!

By - Mugi.