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Train makes surprising stop at gas station in Japan

Trains take us to places far and near, running on railroads every day.

We are accustomed to see trains at stations or on the rail pathways. But apparently, this train was witnessed at such “an unexpected place”, it is becoming a topic on the internet.

On July 14th 2020, Asama (@Asama_37) visited a gas station near Otowa-Gamagori IC in Nagasawa-cho Toyokawa, Aichi.

Take a look at these photos that Asama captured!

This is definitely not a usual site we see every day.

Apparently, there was a land transportation of the train taken place from Nankai Electric Railway Company in Osaka to Oigawa Railway Company in Shizuoka prefecture.

The truck transporting the train was at the gas station to refuel the gas.

After a while, the truck took off to keep on its journey to Shizuoka.

Putting the train in the middle of a highway definitely makes us realize how big it actually is!

The driver also must be quite skilled to be able to drive a truck with such a heavy container, too!

[Comments from the viewers]

This is so rare. Even if you were not a train enthusiast, this is still quite exciting to see for sure!

I did not know that they transported train cars on public highways! Such an unusual thing to see!

My kids and I definitely got excited seeing a train on the truck! The train looks even bigger on the road!

After having served Kansai region for many years, it seems that the train will be hustling more with lots of passengers on board in Shizuoka!

By - Mugi.