Japan is the number one place to catch all the Pokemon goods you’ve ever dreamed of. You can even declare ‘I choose you!’ to your loved one with a Pokemon wedding ring, or lounge around in Pokemon lingerie, or go camping with full Pokemon emblazoned gear.

The nostalgia generated by this phenomenon seems to be a driving force for CASETiFY’s latest collaboration with Pokemon with their new lineup of smartphone cases and accessories with retro-inspired designs.

In a nod to the decade that Pokemon first exploded on the scene, the designs have taken on a 90s feel, with tie-dye, checkered patterns and brash colours. To suit the timeframe of the aesthetic, all the Pokemon featured are from the first generation of creatures.

Even if you don't live in Japan, this new awesome lineup of smart phone and electronics accessories, will be available worldwide to buy through the online store.

Some of the designs can also be customised to include your name.

Not just phone cases, the range extends to various tech accessories such as laptop cases and AirPod holders, among other things.

CASETiFY’s previous lines of Pokemon-themed customisable cases sold out, but the waiting list is now open for this round. Check out their website to apply.

By - Jess.