The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) brought a new era of console gaming when it was first released. Some of the games for the NES at the time went on to become enduring franchises. Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong are just some of the NES games that helped introduce a whole generation to the world of video games.

To mark the 35th anniversary of the console’s release in North America, LEGO announced a collaboration with Nintendo to launch the LEGO NES set.

With over 2,600 pieces, the new set lets you build not just the console, but also a retro TV, a game cartridge, and a controller to complete the nostalgic experience. The NES control deck itself can be replicated down to the smallest details; for example, the cartridge slot even opens and has a lock feature, just like the original.

The set is not only detailed, but also interactive. The retro TV that can be built through the set displays a level from 1985’s Super Mario Brothers, and with a twist of the handle, Mario comes to life to do his signature jumps and moves.

To make things more interactive, a separate Mario figure from LEGO’s Adventures with Mario Starter Course can be attached to the top of the TV. In addition to playing the all-too-familiar Mario theme song, the figure also reacts to the enemy characters, power-up items, and obstacles that pop up on your screen.

You can see Mario and the NES in action through LEGO’s promotional video below.

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System set is available for sale through LEGO stores across Japan and through Rakuten’s page from August 1, 2020. Although the price in yen isn’t up on LEGO’s Japanesewebsite yet, the US LEGO website lists the NES set at $229.99.

By - Jen Laforteza.