Pokemon manhole covers in Japan

If you've been following Pokemon-related goings-on in Japan, you may have heard of Pokemon-themed manhole covers. If the existence of a Pokemon manhole cover comes as a surprise, there is already somewhat of an established model in Japan of creating beautifully designed manhole covers. Whereas the subject has traditionally been cultural assets, historical figures, local lore, crafts or culinary specialties, in recent years, manhole covers have also picked up anime and games as well. The LoveLive! Sunshine!! manhole cover project in Numazu is a good example of this.

Pokemon has arguably taken on the most ambitious manhole cover project to date in Japan, on a mission to cover multiple Prefectures throughout the island nation with one-of-a-kind designs. For example, we've already introduced the Vulpix covers in Hokkaido, and the Sandshrew covers in Tottori.

Chansey in Fukushima

Now, it's Chansey's turn! She'll be showing up in nine one-of-a-kind manhole covers in Fukushima Prefecture.

Here are the nine designs which have been installed in Shinchi, Sōma, Minami-Sōma, Namie, Kawauchi, Naraha, Iwaki, Kawamata and Tamura.

This is what it looks like on the map:

In case you're wondering why the prefecture chose Chansey to represent them, Fukushima 福島 is written with kanji meaning "fortune" and "island." Since Chanseys are very rare to find in the wild and are said to bring you good luck, she was a perfect match!

Since February 2019, Chansey has been active in Fukushima as the prefecture's Pokemon, attending events and conducting promotions of various sorts.

Pokemon Poke-Futa project

If you'd like to see the entire Pokemon manhole cover project, locate the closest manhole covers near you in Japan, and get an update on which Prefectures are currently "covered," you can visit the project website here.

Of course, if you're going to Fukushima Prefecture to find one of the nine Chansey manhole covers, you'll also get specifics on the cities and locations too.

By - Ben K.