Japanese oddity online retailer Village Vanguard can be pretty eccentric when it comes to fashion choices, offering fashion options that range from sailor school uniform swimwear to wearable plushie tentacles that turn you into a giant octopus.

Their latest release is a bit more subtle, however. Village Vanguard will now be selling a collection of bags from shoe-themed original bag maker mis zapatos that feature kimono-clad Luffy and Zoro from hit anime One Piece's Wano Country arc.

The lineup includes tote bags, pouches, travel bags, and 3-way backpacks with a multitude of pockets to store your pirate goods.

The bags feature originally designed One Piece shoes, as part of the company's shoe motif, as well as One Piece logos and the lower half of Luffy and Zoro in their costumes from the Wano Country arc.

Order information can be found at Village Vanguard's online shop, as well as the official Mis Zapatos product page.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.