You might remember Japanese Twitter user BOC_METAL (@BOC_METAL) for their creative use of daiko oroshi (grated daikon radish) and plating skills to turn popular Japanese dishes into hungry shiba inu and other awesome food art.

BOC_METAL is back again, this time with a charming dish that combines beloved animation giant Studio Ghibli with a Japanese pun. The talented cook has served up a plate of tororo soba, which is soba buckwheat noodles topped with tororo--a gooey white topping made from grated Japanese yams.

Of course, since the Studio Ghibli character with a name similar to that is the lovable Totoro, from My Neighbor Totoro!

Source: @BOC_METAL

The noodles themselves are plated into chunks that make up Totoro's body, with the tororo topping making up white of his belly, teeth and eyes. Other details are filled in by chopped green onion (traditionally served along with soba broth, used for dipping and pictured in the upper right corner), as well as nori (seaweed) crafted into the umbrella the forest spirit uses to fly in the iconic scene from the film.

BOC_METAL regularly plates awesome animals and characters as delicious food, so be sure to follow on Twitter and Instagram for more inspired dishes!

By - Big Neko.