‘Tabemasu’ is a series of traditional Japanese sweets, exclusive to the convenience store 7-Eleven, which portrays detailed depictions of popular characters. They have previously teamed up with Sanrio to create sweet versions of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma among others, and even recently revealed some Minion creations. Their adorably decorated wagashi, inspired by various famous characters, are great for that 'themed cafe at home' vibe, which has become all the more appealing this year.

They’ve also released Disney collaborations before in the form of wagashi Toy Story aliens. Their newest creation is another one for Disney fans, a couple of lovestruck classic characters.

The two sweets portray Mickey Mouse (chocolate filling) and Donald Duck (custard filling) with heart eyes, looking up adoringly at their soon-to-be consumer.

The two Disney icons are made of nerikiri, a certain type of traditional Japanese sweet made from white bean paste and mochi dough. Nerikiri can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes, so it is often used to create aesthetically pleasing and impressive confections.

Each tasty little figure costs 258 yen plus tax and are now available in branches of 7-Eleven across Japan.

By - Jess.