As one of the new hit anime series on the scene, fans of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba can grab all kinds of awesome merchandise in Japan, based on characters and motifs from the show. We've seen KNY Tamagotchis, underwear, coloured hair wax, and you can even take a dip in a Demon Slayer inspired public bath.

Fans of the popular series can now house their trinkets in their very own little version of the box that Tanjiro carries on the back to hide his demonic sister. If you open the lid, an illustration of Nezuko herself can even be found on the inside. This 15 cm tall accessory would make a great addition to anyone’s room and the magnetised lid should keep any treasure safe.

Anyone who has seen the anime will instantly recognise the eye-catching design of Tanjiro’s ear decoration. This pass case version of the accessory is the perfect place for demon slayers on the go to keep their travel card or ID.

Fan favourite Inosuke is represented as a stylish wallet with his boar head used as a bold motif for the design.

These Kimetsu no Yaiba goodies can currently be pre-ordered online, and will also be sold in physical branches of Animate and ACOS later this year.

By - Jess.