If you've spent some time traveling in Japan, you may have noticed that manhole covers can be decorated with surprisingly artistic designs. These decorative manhole lids usually feature local landmarks or famous attractions and symbols.

Recently, local municipalities in Japan have been collaborating with Pokémon to install region-specific Pokémon manhole covers in a campaign called Pokélids. You might say it's a regional tourism boost for Pokémon fans to seek out one of a kind manhole artwork.

The project has proved to be longstanding and popular, as with the new installation of six new manhole covers in Machida's Serigaya park, there are now 100 Pokémon lids in place throughout the country!

Of course, a ceremony conducted by Pikachu to show off the manhole covers was held.

The manhole lids, which feature the very original starter Pokémon and others from the first 151, are located at the locations in the park noted on the below map. You can check out all locations throughout Japan at the official site, which will surely be adding many more since the project seeks to grow!

By - Big Neko.