A “kimono retreat hotel” that offers guests an escape from everyday life while experiencing Japan’s kimono culture is set to open in Yamagata Prefecture in spring 2021.

The hotel is a renovation of the former Okuyama house, a residence located in the town of Shirataka 白鷹町, and was previously owned by a distinguished Japanese family entwined in silk production. Tentatively named “NIPPONIA Shirataka Former Okuyama House”, the total hotel area will span 8,000 square meters with five different buildings and eight guest rooms.

Tomihiro, a 400-year-old kimono fabrics store, took ownership of the residence and began plans for the hotel last year while working with the town’s local government and private tourism & renovation companies.

According to the hotel's press release, guests can also experience the culture of Shirataka through traditional craft activities and local lifestyle activities, such as rice planting and snow shoveling. As a result, the companies behind the renovation aim not only to provide a place to stay, but also to revitalize the region and interest in the local culture.

By - Jen Laforteza.