Japanese Twitter user aska (@tick_n_tack) is a talented miniature doll and accessory maker who has a particular focus on turning otherwise plain inanimate objects into adorable dolls. You may remember aska from their surprisingly cute chibi cigarette doll.

aska's latest creation turns one of Japan's most popular comfort foods, curry rice, into an adorable "stuffed animal" companion--and he's got his own little spoon too!

Source: @tick_n_tack

Source: @tick_n_tack

We're not sure whether the little cheerful plate of adorable Japanese curry and rice is happy to be eaten up or to to be a miniature cuddle buddy, but it sure is another creative and awesome work that fits into the other fascinating characters aska has created.

Be sure to follow aska on Twitter for more adorable miniature dolls, and if you're in Japan check out their Suzuri shop.

By - Big Neko.