As most cat owners know, our feline friends can seemingly become liquid and fit into impossible containers and crevices if they so choose to. It goes beyond our human comprehension, but talented Japanese illustrator and animator Misato (@misato08280), who makes absolutely adorable and charming GIF art, may have a logical explanation.

Misato has adorably captured how cats perfectly fit into their favorite tight spots, by curling up in ice cream cones and "melting"!

This isn't the first time Misato has turned a cat's peculiar behavior into charming artwork, in the past she's taken the kitty habit of "kneading" (or making biscuits as cat lovers affectionately call it), into actually kneading bread in a feline factory line.

Or how penguins can cleverly snowboard with popsicles.

Bunnies as cream puffs that are just too cute to eat.

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By - Big Neko.